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In 1997 I went to the cinema to watch 'She's The One' by Ed Burns and came home and thought "I can do that". Got a cup of tea and probably too many biscuits than health experts advise and started writing a film script (I use this term very loosely as it read like a menu with zero script layout what so ever) on a word processor (showing my age). I had no idea about the film industry what so ever I just liked watching films. 4 weeks later I had what I considered my masterpiece, now what? Apparently you have to post it somewhere. So I took my video (I'm under 60 does that help?) 'Interview with a vampire' off the shelf (have later since figured out that if you write a romantic comedy going for the Producer of 'Four Weddings and A Funeral' probably would of been a better option but hey ho) and sent it to the Producer (Producer sounded important) Stephen Woolley. 2 weeks later Mr Woolley (no idea who he was still…now I know) called me "love your story but please learn script layout and write a second draft and send it to me thanks".. I put the phone down and went "pfft… not doing that, my scripts fine as it is took me ages someone else will have it" and did not bother. HAVE SINCE HAD TO LIVE WITH THIS REGRET!!... because now I know scripts have numerous drafts, need a script layout and it is very rare to get a Producers attention at all, more so on a first script that is just a menu written in 4 weeks not slaved over for 4 years. Needless to say posted lots more of my masterpiece scripts off and never heard a word back from anyone else where the letter did not start and end with "no thanks". Then 15 yrs ago before BBC writers room existed I had 2 wks off work, I wrote 1 episode of a sitcom, first attempt (hence still a menu layout just shorter). I sent it into the BBC Comedy Dept not expecting to hear anything. I got a call 2 wks later from the BBC Head of comedy to go in for an interview. I was told they are sent about 2,000 scripts a yr and can only invite in about 25 people in (so that was a nice compliment after the film script disappointments after Mr Woolleys interest) and they also confirmed I have no script layout clue, but then they said that they get polished script layouts where the story is completely boring, so the moral of that story is a good story (apologies for short trumpet ego blast) shines through what ever (and if you had not noticed already our school did not teach grammar and punctuation and I have remained with the "stick a comma there that looks about right" system and it had not hindered interest in my writing and that proves it is a complete and utter myth that the first thing you write will be rubbish in content as my experience shows otherwise) and I was told there was funding for 10 sitcoms that could be green lit after the 6 mths out of the 25, I spent 6 months learning script layout (finally) and working on that first episode with them which was a great experience, alas my sitcom, and comedian Sean Locks sitcom were very similiar, so they went with his called '10 Storeys High', and that was that. I sent the same sitcom to SKY Comedy (script layout much better) who were interested in it but it was 2002 and they couldn't see where my sitcom could fit in with what they were doing well with at the time, Simpsons, Beavis an Butthead, South park so that door was closed. So I gave up writing or submitting altogether and continued on with my life working in Blockbuster till a Producer came in and joined up with a BAFTA card (as you do!) one day and half my brain was saying "tell him about your two scripts" whilst the other was saying "no just tell him the drop box is open 24hrs for his convenience". I took a chance…. he asked for my film script (the one still with menu layout), he liked it and called me, and then I had lots of "let's do lunch lovey" meetings with him at Shepperton Film Studios for a few months (and in-between lunching always got "accidentally"…wink wink lost and poked around all the film sets, hi point being inside the bat cave, low point security yelling at me for now knowing what the new bat mobile looked liked without signing a waiver that says you won't tell anyone in the Universe what it looks like, as I stood there and feared I may be shot in the head on the spot I pleaded that I would not tell a soul and that was that, oh no, I lie, much bigger low point, asking a man for directions and walking away and a minute later realising I had just asked Ridley Scott where the cafe is and nothing about 'Alien'…ffs!!….grrrrr!!) but not enough production funding could be raised and so the film script was dead again... and it was back to Blockbuster. Fast forward to 2016, wrote another film script (why not) which I took a lot longer to write and entered it into the BBC Writers Room competition and it was rejected (how very dare they? don't they know who I am? I am that jammy git first time writer who got more attention than I deserved off two menus with still no real punctuation or grammar clue and am totally and utterly financially broke with no writing success what so ever!). However, I was actually pleased it was rejected (cross my heart truly) as in-between all of this mayhem I got myself a film degree and consider the second film script as "my baby" (as writers say) that I would like to make myself one day (after my Euromillions win obviously). I wrote a third film script which is presently in this years BBC Writers Room competition. Anyway, I found this site today and thought I may as well join in so I am posting a short film script I wrote a few weeks back. It took about half hour and that probably shows but... meh…such is life! lol… and no, I don't have a copy of my first film script or sitcom script for anyone to look at, not because I just made up a big fat whopping lie, but because I never had the common sense to save them to my email account, and I never had the common sense to print off 2 paper copies to keep for the back of my wardrobe, and they were on those small square word processor disks used back in 1904 that I (and no not "conveniently") lost due to life, house moving, and single Motherhood getting in the way, which is a shame as now I am older (I'm sorry but there is only so much trumpet blowing one can allow, so I won't put wiser….that would be a big fat whopping lie anyway!) could of really done with still having them now to work on and improve and submit elsewhere again, instead they are gone forever and I am stuck in no decent bank balance or interesting job no (wo)mans (it's all about the equality!) land, where hindsight is a wonderful thing and that phone call of interest from Stephen Woolley will haunt me forever and I still eat too many biscuits! Yep... that is pretty much everything about me I think.

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