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Dan Decker
Los Angeles, United States

My best-selling book ANATOMY OF A SCREENPLAY is used in colleges around the world to help teach screenwriting. It is a primer for storytelling through character in the motion picture form. If you page through it you will see that my theory of screenplays teaches that plot comes from character, so much that we need never mention the word "plot" or "plot point." All is character. 

I have extensive background in THEATRE, with an emphasis on SHAKESPEARE. My writings on Shakespeare have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. I have created adaptations of the plays that have brought huge audiences of public high school kids to their feet for standing ovations by applying modern techniques of storytelling to the classic texts. 

Author of "Anatomy of a Screenplay" 
Founder, Director of The Screenwriters Group, Chicago
Chairman Emeritus, The Shakespeare Institute of Nevada
United States/European Union dual citizen
Chinese visa is current

“Anatomy of a Screenplay: Writing the American Screenplay from Character Structure to Convergence.”  “Anatomy of a Screenplay” is a primer for screenwriters and storytellers; it introduced new concepts for the study in storytelling still widely in use today. 

“The Two Roses” w/Stephen Denning, a speculative biographical essay on William Shakespeare published in the peer-reviewed New England Theatre Journal, 12/09. Includes in-depth analysis of the sonnets and plays and documented history of the times to draw stunning conclusions about the life of Shakespeare. 

“Shakespeare's Roses,” a 90-minute one-man stage play that puts an aging Bard, dying of syphilis, onstage to talk about the great loves and losses, betrayals and failures of his life, based on Decker's speculative biography, “The Two Roses”, has been performed in New York City, Chicago, Iowa City IA, and Malibu CA.

“I Think I Write”, a non-fiction book that brings a new understanding of the role storytelling plays in all our lives and how to use that understanding in the creation of new works of fiction in novels and scripts. 


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