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Dan Gittens
Clevedon, United Kingdom

I am a writer and filmmaker.

I started with novels and short stories but was a bit of a late starter to scripts (I didn't join film school until I was 29) because I just never thought it would be possible to make a living doing this. But ten years later, here I am, a testament to the fact that -yes- I probably won't make a living doing this, but I can still have fun trying. My final year film, Runland, was awarded a Royal Television society award. It has my name on it and everything.

I specialise in comedy, fantasy and horror. Preferably all three at once. I like the rhythm of conversation and redrafting an exchange between characters, trying to get it just right. I like criticism when it is constructive, good criticism is the stuff that hurts, that hollow feeling when you know you need to do another re-write.  But I also have enough confidence in my work to stick to my guns when I feel a scene or situation is necessary.

If you like fun/interesting modern fantasy horror, please give one of my scripts a read. Or if you have an idea you'd like to develop, get in touch, my turnover for features is usually about ten weeks.

Featured here is my latest script, Into the Hollow. It could probably do with a rewrite, but I'm still quite proud of it - so if anyone fancies a look I'd love a little feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Scripts By Dan

Into the Hollow
For twenty-five years Billy Rook has been locked in battle with the things at the bottom of his garden, then two strangers arrive on his doorstep.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror For sale 97pp
3 readers love this script
The Master's Hand
An ambitious art dealer discovers a divine artifact which quickly unravels his perception of everything.
Short Drama, Fantasy, Film-Noir, Horror For sale 10pp
3 readers love this script
Shadow of the Witch
A young girl teams up with a four-hundred year old witch to solve the mystery of a missing village.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 125pp
2 readers love this script