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Dan Leissner
Surbiton, United Kingdom

I'm an American citizen living in the U.K. With a career in Law publishing, until I had the profound life-changing experience of a mental breakdown. Now I volunteer as a Peer Support Worker for mental health charities. I'm a published author, of "Tuesday's Child: The Life And Death of Imogen Hassall", the biography of the actress and "face" of the Swinging Sixties who took her own life in 1980.  The pulp fiction action-adventure novels "Cool Cat"; "Hell On Route 666: Cool Cat 2"; "Born To Be Bad: Cool Cat 3"; and "Drums Of The Lost Gods", homages to the cult movies of the 1970's and the vintage Pulps of the 1930's, published by Midnight Marquee in the U.S.A. The hard-boiled crime novels "The Big Farewell" and its sequel "Guilty City", both published on Amazon, are my first serious works of fiction. I've adapted "The Big Farewell" as a screenplay and followed it with "Daltons! Their Dime Novel", a Western, the true story of the Dalton Gang, who tried to outdo their hero Jesse James by robbing two banks at the same time. There's more to come. My aim is to bring a fresh twist while remaining true to the spirit of classic genres.

Scripts By Dan

The Big Farewell
The Jazz Baby dies a lonely death and – back from the dead – recruits a hard-boiled gun for hire to wreak revenge on those who abused her
Feature Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller For sale 104pp
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Daltons! Their Dime Novel
Bob Dalton wants more than easy money. He wants to be famous. And outdo his boyhood hero Jesse James by robbing two banks at the same time!
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Romance, Western For sale 108pp