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Dan Maurer
Princeton, United States

Dan is a screenwriter, author, and theater director who writes grounded, character-driven thrillers. His voice has been called cinematic, authentic, layered. He's a writer who likes to explore the secrets beneath the surface. What's more, his many years of experience working in the publishing industry at both Doubleday and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt have proven to be an asset when adapting novels and long-form non-fiction. His screenplay SNOWBLIND was an Austin Film Festival Finalist and a Page Awards Semi-Finalist.

WRITING INFLUENCES: (Film) Tony Gilroy, Frank Darabont, Steven Zaillian, Akiva Goldsman, Lawrence Kasdan; (Fiction) Stephen King, Harper Lee, William Golding, Dennis Lehane, Michael Crichton.



Austin Film Festival - Finalist

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Scripts By Dan

A journalist, haunted by repressed memories, investigates a murder that may uncover the truth about his traumatic childhood, but he quickly discovers he shares a decades-old secret with a killer eager to bury the past.
Feature Thriller For sale 120pp
Austin Film Festival - Finalist
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