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Dana Silkiss
Washington, United States

I am an entrepreneur, professional musician, author, recording artist, martial artist and horse trainer. In addition to Midnite's Journey, I have published poetry and written songs. I have spent my life traveling the world exploring many cultures and cuisines. My goal is always to educate people in order for them to see the world in a different light. A light of understanding and wisdom, not ignorance and mis-conceptions.

This made for television series, based on my book, Midnite's Journey, is based on true events. It has a rich texture, comprising of many elements, such as Murder, forced labor, political corruption, investigations, sex and music. This leaves room  to create a tapestry for character development and events, both past and present.

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Scripts By Dana

Midnite's Journey
One Man's Improbable Voyage Through America's Reality
TV Pilot Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 61pp
6 readers love this script