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Daniel Broderick
Pasadena, United States

California native.  Born in Los Angeles after my parents moved there from Chicago, where my father wrote for television after WWII and college.  Have lived in San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Palo Alto, Florence (Italy), Washington, D.C., New Haven (Connecticut), West Los Angeles, Germany, and Sacramento.  Currently live in Pasadena, California.  Stanford undergrad.  Played basketball until hurt my sophomore year, Yale Law School.  

Non-lawyer jobs include assembling board games, gas station attendant, assembling yachts, picking up trash at the beach, washing dorm windows, maintenance at a golf course, painting the take off boards for the long jump and triple jump (jock job, where I was literally paid between coats to watch paint dry), janitorial work at Sears, paralegal at the U.S. Justice Department.  Legal jobs include judicial law clerk, federal prosecutor, law professor, and federal public defender.  

I genuinely enjoy writing scripts and I appreciate any and all who read them.  As of December, 2020, I've completed twelve screenplays and one television pilot.  Just started seriously entering screenwriting contests and actively seeking a manager/agent.  So, in anticipation of the responses or lack thereof, I'm trying to grow a thick skin over the holidays (well, what used to be holidays).   Gonna try my hand at some shorts now.  Then back to more features, and probably another pilot, after New Year's Day.  

Stay healthy everyone and hang in there.  There is a light at the end of the pandemic dark tunnel.  





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Scripts By Daniel

Satan's Shrink
The devil is bored. Not as much fun as it used to be. She needs advice. What better than seeing a psychiatrist, especially one who doesn't believe in the princess of darkness.
Short Comedy, Fantasy For sale 11pp
2 readers love this script
My Kingdom for a Kiss
Cinderella story: two teen girls traveling through Europe encounter a prince at a costume ball. DENNY, the purveyor of the perfect kiss, entrances him; now he must find her by kissing other American tourists.
Feature Romance For sale 93pp
2 readers love this script
Lone wolf, female deputy warden must transport Mexican drug kingpin to federal Supermax prison, and then prevent an attempt to rescue him.
Feature Action For sale 107pp
1 reader loves this script
Prester John, The Infidel Pope
In 1177, Pope Alexander dispatches a priest to Upper Asia to determine the nature and intentions of the self-declared, true Christian Pope, Prester John, but the priest's daughter complicates matters for both.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance For sale 123pp
1 reader loves this script
Milton DeMedici, Artiste Extraordinaire
A cynical critic bets she can make anyone famous in today's art world, and she transforms Milton Schwartz, a dentist of no great renown or artistic talent, into Milton De Medici, the great conceptual artist.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy For sale 102pp
1 reader loves this script
Your Wish is My Command
Remake, Thief of Baghdad (1940): Street-wise woman in contemporary New York meets a down and out genie who can grant almost any wish, but only on condition she surrender something of equal value.
Feature Fantasy For sale 93pp
1 reader loves this script
Not in This Life
Two souls, destined for one other, are thwarted as Russian Jews in 1840, and as Chinese immigrants in 1916, finally uniting as Hispanics in contemporary Los Angeles.
Feature Romance For sale 84pp
1 reader loves this script
Silent Music
After a musical misanthrope tricks two teens into eliminating all music in our world, they must venture to his world to retrieve it.
Feature Fantasy For sale 95pp
1 reader loves this script
A Marriage Made in Heaven
Til Death Do Us Part. But what about after that? Do you reunite in heaven? What about your mother, and kids? Paul seeks all the answers before he decides how to spend eternity.
Short Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance For sale 11pp
The Grass is Always Greener
Jack is unhappy. No girlfriend, money, or status. Sam, the bus driver, thinks things will change. And when they do, is Jack finally happy? Not exactly. There's still something he wants. What is it?
Short Fantasy For sale 9pp