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Daniel Padbury
Lima, Peru

I am a debut screenwriter travelling the world as a modern-day Hemingway. My writing is informed by the people I meet and the experiences I have had.

I have led a charmed life and in my 51 years, I have seen things many can only dream of. I had a successful career in banking and technology and am now in a new chapter.

I have lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I have travelled to 80+ countries. Currently, I am in Peru having travelled overland from Mexico. Next stops are Bolivia and Argentina.

I started writing in October 2021 and have persisted ever since with 2,000 words a day. I write sci-fi, eco-fiction, and the odd dystopian thriller . . . basically anything that comes to mind and excites me.

My main hobbies are rugby and spontaneous travel. Lover of fine wines, sushi, Szechuan, and Asian food. Ambitious, generous, creative, impatient, impulsive, globetrotter. High-risk, unconventional, and passionate.

Scripts By Daniel

A lottery win propels a Buenos Aires bars female football team to the World Cup Finals in Qatar and an historic win for Argentina.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport For sale 90pp
Arnhem Land
When a workaholic scientist is called to remote Australia to cure a mysterious disease affecting the Aboriginal people, she must uproot her family from their hectic lives and navigate a new disease.
Web Series Pilot Adventure, Drama For sale 45pp
When a troubled Praetorian Guard becomes embroiled in the violent death of Julius Caesar, he must wrangle not just with the outcry from the Roman population, but with personal revelations revealed after Caesar’s demise.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, History For sale 46pp
The nations of Africa battle the decline of vegetation. Yet hope is not lost. Some who remain vow to do all they can to halt the wicked machinations of corrupt governments and too-big corporations.
Feature Thriller For sale 110pp
Crypto Clown
A clown embarks on building a crypto empire with underworld financing. He delivers terrific returns until the market turns and he goes on the run, only to then turn informant.
Web Series Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 40pp
Stanley Ho headed the worlds largest casino empire. When his most trusted associate is murdered, and the victim's diary containing details of illegal business activities is discovered, the casino tycoon finds himself in trouble.
Web Series Pilot Action, Biography, Crime, Drama For sale 29pp
Doppel Nuns
A nun swaps her habit with her identical twin sister with disastrous consequences.
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 31pp
The Elephant March
Set during the Kenyan poaching wars. One ranger walks a matriarchal elephant herd south across the Maasai Mara to a new life of safety.
Short Adventure, Biography, Family For sale 45pp
The Tiger Train
An Indian teenager saves two cubs but ends up in a new city. Now he has to survive in the new city and thwart two English men who want to kill the cubs.
Short Adventure, Animation, Family For sale 41pp
Balena Boy
One boy, Pierro's quest to work in a Spanish aquarium where he develops an affection for and decides to free a family of Beluga whales from captivity.
Short Adventure, Animation, Family For sale 44pp
The Talking Pelican
Before taking another shot at fulfilling his artistic dreams, a young man devoid of good luck ventures out with a neurotic, fortune telling pelican to save South America from a spiteful mythical creature.
Feature Animation, Drama, Family For sale 92pp
A Mexican cartel boss needs a strategic seaport for his business, he sends his son to negotiate; resulting in the death of the rival drug lord, a bloody cartel war and a DEA investigation.
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime, Thriller For sale 46pp
Old Man of Mancora
After receiving a paranormal message, an uninspired writer seeks inspiration by tracing the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway. Soon he realizes, the journey to writing his book is a deadly one.
TV Pilot Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama For sale 36pp