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Daniel Viglietti

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Daniel Viglietti
Melbourne, Australia

An 18 year old from Australia who found a passion for writing screenplays during his early teenage years, some of which he produced. Writes a lot in his freetime and just wants somewhere to share his scripts with other writers. I've written a few movie scripts over the past few years and even published and sold some in the form of books. My main aim with my scripts are to provide entertainment to others.


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Scripts By Daniel

Pizza's Here
"It was only a simple delivery".
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 9pp
1 reader loves this script
The Affluents
Being rich isn't as easy as it sounds
TV Pilot Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 64pp
The Strangers 3
"The Three Strangers Return.... Reborn"
Feature Horror For sale 76pp
The Scarlet Slasher
"How far will one go for love?"
Feature Horror For sale 121pp
"Sometimes revenge means thinking outside the box".
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family Example of work only 130pp