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Danielle Flore
Carlsbad, United States

I have a self-published short story titled, "The Voices," available on Amazon. My story has mental ilness themes. You can see more of my writing style on my blog.  https://whyamihearingvoicesinmyhead.blogspot.com/.

The Real Villain

I wrote a book
About a horror story based on my life
Or the horrible turn of events that occurred years ago

One mistake I made in my book
Was who I cast as villains in my story
It isn’t the fault of my lost love
Or his wife
Or her friends

Although there is a great loss in life
When timing is bad
And two people miss each other romantically
I completely missed the point

The real villains in this story are
My misguided rush to get married
And even more, my mental illness
My mental illness has affected my relationships, my career, my whole life trajectory for the worse
If I could rewrite my story as a dramatic comedy, as opposed to the horror story I originally wrote, I would.
The good news is that I am in a great place now, mentally healthy, and busy with my true loves, my children & family.

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Scripts By Danielle

The Voices
Chiara finds herself dreaming of the past. As she reminisces, her mental health deteriorates. Drowning in a sea of abusive voices, Chiara questions whether she has lost touch, or become a victim of darker forces.
Short Thriller For sale 54pp
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