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Danny Katz
New York City, United States

As the son of a book publisher, I’ve long regarded the English language as something of an art form. My pops and I like to trade literature back and forth, blathering on endlessly about whatever we’re reading at the moment. David Simon’s Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets and George V. Higgins’ The Friends of Eddie Coyle have had the biggest impact on my literary point of view. As a writer, this has manifested itself in my obsession with procedure, bold dialogue, and societal plight.

Professionally, I cut my teeth working for a public relations firm, where I mastered the art of spinning non-newsworthy stories into genuine copy. My boss at the time was one bad dude, and our clients weren’t winning any morality contests either. I was paid scraps, shielded from opportunities to flourish and advance in the industry, and was routinely made to handle our office’s busy work. The one positive that came from this situation was that it afforded me plenty of alone-time in the office to sit at a computer and write. I can remember countless times when my boss would walk in unannounced, and I’d frantically minimize my screenwriting software and pull up an unfinished press release at the last moment.

While 2020 was a dark year for many Americans and people across the globe, my privileged-ass escaped New York City to my parents' place on Long Island, where I spent the year drinking whiskey, watching movies with my father, and taking the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting via Zoom. Worry not dear reader, this story’s protagonist will soon take his lumps and get some much-needed character development. The P.R. firm where I had worked for four years shuttered in the early going of the COVID pandemic. This was no surprise to me, and internally I used it as an excuse to lay low and hone my craft.

But after a year of unemployment, and banging my head against the desk every time I failed to win a screenwriting contest - I’ve had some solid placements along the way - my dog Dante died. I try not to let his last few months on earth, slowly dying from cancer, sour the sixteen beautiful years we had together. He wasn’t just my best friend and a neighborhood icon, he was the living, breathing representation of my childhood, my upbringing, my innocence. I had managed to dodge the horrid depression that was human existence in the year 2020, but in 2021 my agility would fall short. The Darkness caught me.

I finally came to an understanding that submitting my scripts online over and over again wouldn’t magically start my writing career. I joined a start-up reality TV show that put a comedic spin on the real estate industry in NYC, but after a year I had to face the fact that the show I joined due to the host’s self-deprecating nature, was in reality nothing more than one man’s vanity project.

I have since created a lot of opportunities for myself out of nothing. I struck up a relationship with an Army medic, a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, who wanted the story of his deployment adapted into a feature screenplay. A few months later my script All The Way Home was completed, about his tumultuous war-time odyssey and the familial bonds of his platoon. NY-based production company Atypical Pictures saw my short film and invited me to apply for a position as a part-time writer for their content. I'm now working on several children's animated TV shows for them. I've never pictured myself writing in the children's space, but I was raised on '90s Nickelodeon and I've used this time to diversify and grow as a writer. I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’m inching closer, day by day.



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Among Thieves
Lured in at the prospect of helping his father’s shaky new sales career, a young man is recruited by his N.A. sponsor to join a cult-like group of thieves.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 101pp
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Grass Snakes
In the grisly aftermath of a bank robbery, an outcast detective becomes ensnared in an investigation into a gang of renegade cops. 'Serpico' meets 'The Town'
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Objects in Mirror
Privileged, pill-popping, petty thief Andy, spends his days rummaging through his neighbor's medicine cabinets. His pathetic existence is challenged, when he stumbles upon a chained up woman in one of his neighbor's apartments.
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Intent on leaving behind his breakthrough screenplay, a young writer and his gambling addict best friend break into a literary agent's apartment. Unfortunately for all parties involved, they aren’t the only intruders.
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Snake Oil
When their sister is jailed for retaliating against her abusive husband, drug dealer Mikey offers to take on debt to increase his distribution; grifter Jerome has a more colorful plan.
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It is daddy issues galore in the seedy underworlds of New York and Atlanta when two henchmen, a drugged-out stunt man, and a pair of FBI agents clash on a fateful road trip.
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All the Way Home
True story about a young infantry medic in the army deployed to Afghanistan, where he learns that sometimes the best efforts of our troops are undermined by bureaucratic ‘Yes Men’ at the command level.
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The Means
Present day New York - the rent is high, so is the cost of living. But for one rag-tag band of thieves, crime pays.
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