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Danny Mitchell

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Danny Mitchell
London, United Kingdom

I've dabbled with screenwriting for years. I left a well-paid job with a climbable ladder to study creative writing at university so I could concentrate on the artform. Unfortunately, they dropped many of the script specific modules as I started and the opportunity learn with professionals died. I stayed on to study a Journalism MA to find a way of monetising writing and after completing it I work freelance and pull pints to survive.

I want to continue writing scripts. I've decided to join groups so I can find similar minded people, successful or not, and stop living on the edge of the bubble by dedicating myself to improving, sharing and helping.


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Scripts By Danny

Stagger Lee
A debt-ridden Kansan farmer struggles with a loveless marriage, arid-farmland, and his sexuality. He storms off to the local drinking hole to relieve his frustration.
Short Film-Noir Available for Free 8pp
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