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Dare Kent

Writer & Creativity Consultant


  • PUMPKIN BLUES 2007 - Winner. Audience Favorite, Rouge Wave Halloween Competition.
  • RETRIBUTION 2007 - Finalist. Broad Humor's Short Screenplay Competition. 
  • POLICY N 2007 - Winner. WILDsound Screenplay Festival.
  • COFFEE QUEST 2006 - #1 Short Script. American Zoetrope.
  • POLICY N 2006 - QuarterFinalist. Page International Screenwriting Awards.
  • WILD GRACE 2000 - Finalist. Screenwriter Mentorship Program.



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Scripts By Dare

Red Lipstick
The drama and scars of turning 30.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 6pp
Bully Me No More
I was mercilessly bullied in high school; then I killed myself. That was a mistake that never should have happened so I'm hosting a party to set things right. Don't RSVP, you're already here.
Feature Horror For sale 94pp
Policy N
Arrested for rudeness, and thrown into a secret government rehab facility to teach him to play nice, a slacker must rally his fellow inmates to escape or wind up a mindless, politically correct drone.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 95pp
Coffee Quest
A search for coffee leads to violence.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 5pp