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Darrell Giles
Wollongong, Australia

Darrell Giles – Filmmaker
This will give you an overview of my career path to date… my 29-year career path.

It was 1993, and a newly divorced bloke decided to use his fresh start to reset his life. “I will become the filmmaker I was destined to be!”

The Australian Film TV and Radio School were 20 years old but only took a handful of directing students each year. I needed a show reel to apply. Naturally, I joined an acting class. After a few sessions, I started writing short film scripts, hired some gear, and invited my classmates to be my cast. I invented my own Film School, to teach myself film directing, writing, producing, editing, and sound, and wardrobe… you get the idea?

I made a dozen films in the next few years. I entered them all in Tropfest, the world’s biggest short film festival, and any others I could find.

Eventually, I made a psychological thriller, “I Can Help?”. It won second place at the Eyescream Film Festival 2003.

During this time, I still needed work to pay the rent. So, I went into stand-up comedy. I have been writing, performing, and producing live comedy since 1994.

During the 2000s I completed the following short courses at the Australian Film TV and Radio School: Writing a Screenplay, Writing for TV, Producing for Screen, and Directing for Screen.

I currently have a feature screenplay, and six episodes of a sitcom, with a bible, ready to go.

Still doing stand-up too, of course. Looking to sell my scripts and find work as a screenwriter.

Scripts By Darrell

Ruby's Opal
A downtrodden factory worker and dope-dealing chopper pilot become best friends in the opal fields of Australia trying to get rich as fast as possible, failing dismally at everything they try, except falling in love.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 120pp
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