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Darren Oakland
New York City, United States

Hi there! I go by Darren, and I'm an aspiring screenwriter who got back into the craft a few years ago. Since then, I've gotten a couple of feature scripts under my belt.

I generally work in the spaces of drama, thriller, and horror. Specifically, my works tend to have an emphasis on heavy psychological themes, as well as a melding of more grounded character drama with the surreal, ethereal, or otherwise otherworldly. They also frequently have some degree of social commentary - attempting to capture what it feels like to live now, under this particular stage of capitalism, in this particular stretch of American history. Sometimes this is central to the text, other times it lingers in the background as subtext.

As far as reading other scripts goes, I'm most comfortable reading within the genres I write in - not because I think any less of works outside of them, but because I tend to write what I like to watch, and I better understand the story mechanics of works in the genres I'm most exposed to. Not a hard and fast rule though, of course! Expanding one's horizons never hurts.

And a little about me beyond screenwriting: I currently live in NYC with my partner and our cat. I enjoy watching film and television (surprise surprise!), playing video games (tend to enjoy story-driven/atmosphere heavy single player games, and multiplayer fighting games), and learning more about history, political theory, and philosophy. I used to also really enjoy reading fiction before the modern world exploded my attention span (hoping to get back into it one day). 

Look forward to connecting with like-minded people here!

Scripts By Darren

The King of Chasms
An estranged family takes a trip to a remote resort, once a private retreat for the elite. While old tensions simmer, it becomes clear that this place hides dark secrets...and a malignant, inexplicable force.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Horror For sale 115pp
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Through Clouded Glass
During a global outbreak of inexplicable suicides, a troubled couple self-isolates to try and survive. But their minds are on the line as their inner demons seem more real than they could have imagined.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 114pp