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Dave Goossen
Victoria, Canada

I’m Dave Goossen and I hated creative writing in school. Hated writing poems, short stories, book reports, hated it. Until I got the chance to write and create a thirty-minute video with my friends in Grade 10. Since then I have loved writing creatively whatever tweaks my interest: film scripts, short films, and even plays.  I’ve produced and directed, even acted, in the short films and plays. Now I'm alternating between novels and screenplays.

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Scripts By Dave

Morning Light
When a jaded musician discovers that a blues guitar legend is secretly a vampire, he’s drawn into a nocturnal dilemma as a serial killer terrorizes his city.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 108pp
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Senior's High
After moving from Montana to NC, a feisty octogenarian deals with the "cliques" at his seniors home that parallel those of his grandson in his new high school and his daughter's new job.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 27pp
Out Back Of Beyond
After bungling a multi-billion dollar deal, two squabbling female executives are sent to the Australian outback to save the project but end up battling their boss from hell to save a quirky town instead.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 100pp
Captain Has-Been
A bitter middle-aged retired superhero is dragged back into action to save his city but he'd rather finish making dinner for his son.
Short Action, Comedy Available for Free 11pp
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The Perfect Pint
An ordinary guy discovers that his usual lunch pint of beer is something extraordinary - magically refillable! Will he use this discovery for good, or for one hell of an afternoon of drinking?
Short Comedy, Fantasy Available for Free 10pp
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