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David Chambers
Lincoln, United Kingdom

David was admitted (he qualified) as a solicitor in the UK in 1988, soon specializing in commercial property/real estate transactions.

His legal profession has meant that he has had an obligation to present written reports to clients, which of course have had to be both understandable and do what is required, often in relation to complex matters and sometimes after some research. From that, David learned that correct grammar and editing is a must. The first draft is the first draft and will never be the version presented.

For quite a few years, David has devoted a good deal of his spare time to writing for pleasure. Having enjoyed that so much, he has naturally progressed to a position where he asks himself, daily, why is he not advancing that position considerably and in a more ambient way. He seems to have the knack - the will: the need - with a sincere wish to explore script writing, certainly as a hobby, but ideally as a profession.

David has read and enjoyed several books on screenwriting, including those by the late, great Syd Field and Robert Grant – and indeed that on writing generally, entitled “On Writing”, by Stephen King. Those in particular have really assisted David in understanding the whole process - and, despite the wide-ranging requirements and expectations of the Film Industry, they have never dissuaded him from pursuing the goal - the goal to see his words in film.

In 2020, David felt confident enough to submit his first script work to film festival competitions, mainly in the United States. This was a script based on the second draft (unpublished) novel David had toyed with some years before, entitled “Fair Dubs” (an adapted and shortened version of which David now places on this forum). David found that he enjoyed writing in script format more than he did the original novel – not because it seemed easier, but because he felt the script both run and fight with him better than the story had otherwise, previously, developed. As it progressed, the script seemed to give David a better and more satisfying result, and a greater feeling of achievement, especially through the several editing processes.

As for David's successes with writing, he has had several short quips published in the Law Society Gazette - essentially over the months some years ago - with a few lines in response to requests for comments on amusing situations, but on his script Fair Dubs, this has brought David a double win in one competition and a very recent win in another, along with other placings and selections (where following revision and after some feedback, David has revised and shortened his original script substantially). Please see below for the list of awards.

David considers himself to be tenacious and unyielding in his projects, whatever those are. He is nevertheless sympathetic and receptive to the views of others, especially of professionals in the literary field and will always seek best guidance from them. David accepts that, to succeed at screenwriting, a possession and presentation of expertise, commitment and realism is needed, as well as a good knowledge of how it works - and this is where this site seems to excel. For David, writing is a balancing act that he is used to, but one that always brings him real excitement.

In general, David can make decisions and is able to stick to those decisions, sometimes when challenged over them, yet he does have the ability to see the arguments of others and, if necessary and to the good, to adapt those arguments into his thinking and writing. He can quickly assess written communication and opinion and respond to it as and when required.

In brief, David's basic wish is to write, and to write good. Once that is achieved, it is his very sincere further wish to find professional representation so that all of his future writing, not just Fair Dubs itself, can be considered for progression, and that is, simply, far beyond the boundaries that the laptop on his desk seems to be presently defining...and onto a much better - and bigger screen. 

David has received the following awards over time, so far (as at November 2, 2021), via FilmFreeway, and since the very first selections, has much improved his script, "Fair Dubs":

Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest! - November 2020 - Honorable Mention;

KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival - November 2020 - Selected;

FEEDBACK Toronto Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival - December 2020 - Selected;

CKF International Film Festival - December 2020 - Selected;

Festigious Los Angeles - Monthly Film Competition - January 2021 - Double Win - Best Screenplay Feature and Best Sci-Fi Screenplay;

North Europe International Film Festival - London Edition - February 2021 - Selected;

WRPN.tv Screenplay Competition - March 2021 - Bronze Script Writing;

L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival - Winter 2021 - Double Bronze and one Platinum win, being - Bronze Jury Prize 2021 - Best Writer; and H. G. Wells Bronze Award 2021 - Best Unproduced Screenplay; and H. G. Wells Platinum Award 2021 - Best Science Fiction Screenplay (with a selection for the 2022 Grand Jury Award).

David thanks you for the time you've spent in reading this.

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Fair Dubs
Planets are marbles, aren't they? The imposing inter-planetary ass-wipes know so; the, paranoid, US president's bisexual lover learns so: and it all leads to one hell of a roll - for her and the planet.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 125pp
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