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David Chester
Tokyo, Japan

A Los Angeles native, David Chester's skills as a songwriter and pianist initially brought him to Tokyo, Japan, where he was presented with so many creative opportunities that he decided to set down roots. Realizing he wasn't seeing the stories that were important to him, he turned to screenwriting and filmmaking. David's brand is "female-driven dysfunctional family drama." He has written five commissioned feature screenplays to date, four of which have been produced, with one currently on Netflix and two on Amazon Prime. Of his three original feature screenplays, all have placed highly  in U.S. screenwriting competitions, especially “Big Sister,” a three-time finalist and first prize winner. David has also produced, written and/or directed four short films, most notably “The Lesson,” which won the Tokyo LGBT Film Festival “Grand Prix” and the Torino GLBT Film Festival “Best Short Film.”

David’s writing has benefitted greatly from participation in Corey Mandell’s screenwriting workshops, Roadmap Writers’ Top Tier group for film and TV writing, and mentoring by writer/producer Ellen Sandler (writer/co-producer of the hit TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond”).

When David isn’t obsessing over the seven volumes of “Mad Men” scripts, you can find him hunched over his desk writing a screenplay or teleplay (or, more likely, rewriting them). For more info visit: davidchester.com


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Granderson Des Rochers, LLP 150 S. Rodeo Drive, Suit 200 Beverly Hills, CA 90212


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Scripts By David

In 1890s Pennsylvania Dutch Country, a gifted farm girl rebels against her tyrannical father and the strict religious beliefs of her community to pursue her dream to become a teacher and her own woman.
Feature Drama For sale 120pp
2 readers love this script
Big Sister
A successful woman abandons her career to save her destitute younger sister, but her efforts backfire and she becomes the one who needs to be saved.
Feature Drama For sale 96pp
2 readers love this script
Princess. In Reverse.
When a pampered Jewish American Princess moves to Japan with her adventure-loving new husband in the 1990s, she must learn to adapt to two foreign concepts: living abroad… and marriage.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 34pp
1 reader loves this script