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David (China) Woolf
Tel Aviv, Israel

I have been a movie lover for all my life, and I am not young. 

I have been writing stories since my early 20s and imagining that they would be filmed. I didn't know there was a script format, but I have numerous pages with stories from different genres in my drawer.

It's been about five years since I decided to do something about my passion. I enrolled in two screenwriting workshops taught by two of Israel's best teachers. They taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to begin writing my own screenplay. Then I purchased script writing software and converted the script to the format commonly used in the industry.

Writing and rewriting, editing and polishing led to a point at which I am really happy with my first project. I received positive reviews from professional readers as well as friends who read it. It's out there...(among other places, here on the site)! You are welcome to read it.
Meanwhile, I am working on three other projects, the most significant of which is a script for an animated feature.


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Scripts By David (China)

I Am Norah Fildes!
The world of a renowned feminist and social activist is undermined in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment levied against her beloved father and so she is compelled to opt between family and principles.
Feature Drama For sale 118pp
2 readers love this script