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David Dinning

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David Dinning
West Hollywood, United States

Ghost writer for the past few years. I 've worked on over 30 scripts and written 7 screenplays, and two series. I need five more words. That should do it. 


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Scripts By David

Prelude to a Dream
A painting unlocks his dreams, they consume him. He’s losing his grip on reality doomed to relive the same fate over and over again throughout time. This time it’s different or is it?
Feature Fantasy, Romance For sale 102pp
The Road to Glenfinnan
Starting on his own in an inspirational journey, Kevin meets Hamish who tells the young adventurer the story of his life.
Short Drama For sale 11pp
White Knight Balck Nights
As a woman’s dream world spirals out of control she turns to poker, a game of chance? Discovers that poker is skill, life is the gamble.
Feature Action, Drama In development 108pp
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