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David González

I'm an aspiring screenwriter with a long love for storytelling and movies.

I enjoy writing in different genres – horror, thriller and sci-fi/fantasy are my favourites – but I also like mixing and blending genres and spinning old stories in new ways.

Please feel free to contact me at davidgonzalezpn@gmail.com or check out my website using the link.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Scripts By David

Glass Bottles
Three petty burglars sneak into a remote house unaware that there’s a strange evil waiting for them inside.
Short Horror Under Option 15pp
4 readers love this script
The Last Guardian of Magic
After meeting an old man with a magic map at a railway station, a young woman must decide if she is willing to accept his strange proposition before the train comes.
Short Drama, Fantasy Under Option 16pp
1 reader loves this script
The Beginning
A husband mourning his wife at the cemetery gets consoled by the last person he expected.
Short Drama Available for Free 2pp
6 readers love this script
Lady Justice
The life of a crooked Mexican police officer is turned upside down when a woman walks into the police station with an old gun she found.
Short Action, Fantasy, Thriller Available for Free 10pp
2 readers love this script
Before The End of the World
Two best friends discover they are in love minutes before the world ends.
Short Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi Produced 6pp
1 reader loves this script