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David Jenkins

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David Jenkins
Liverpool, United Kingdom

I write short stories, comics and screenplays mostly in the horror genre. A few of my short stories have been published including one about a Kumiho. I regularly blog about writing, the horror genre and reviews at https://www.facebook.com/davidjenkinswriter  and several of my posts have been featured on numerous sites including Bloodshed and Comic Book News UK. On the screenwriting side I have completed three feature length scripts and three short ones as well as taking part in a couple of scriptwriting courses. I'm currently writing my first novel- Dark Reality and working with an artist on a comic adaption of one of my film scripts- Vampires of Hungary.


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Scripts By David

A Russian Soldiers' Story
A Russian soldier is left with the choice of standing up to his Uncle Viktor (the Colonel) or killing civilians.
Short History, War For sale 13pp
Vampires Of Hungary
Accused of being a vampire by knights from the Vatican, the Queen of Hungary must do all she can to prove her innocence and keep her throne.
Feature Comedy, History, Horror For sale 95pp
The Hunger For Flesh
A pregnant Sarah and her injury prone husband try and find each other in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, where humans are just as deadly.
Feature Horror For sale 95pp