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Hello my name is David and I’m a filmmaker based in Scotland. When I was growing up I gravitated towards mostly horror movies. But as I got older my grandfather encouraged me to branch out and explore all types of movies from different eras, genres and countries. It’s thanks to him and his love for movies that I found my own passion, which was to be a filmmaker. I use to spend most days watching movies and writing scripts that when I think back, we’re me honestly just ripping off what I liked at the time. Which is something I think we all do at some point or another. 

I did go through a period of a couple of years where I didn’t write at all mostly because of personal tragedy, but also the fear of not being considered any good at it. I was terrified about trying to take my scripts and make them into movies. But when I found this site I got to meet many great people, and I started to read other people’s scripts. I then reached out to them and ask if I could use their scripts and use them to learn how to make movies. I was very lucky that these writers were nice enough to let me do it, and were very complimentary even when the finished shorts looked amateurish.

In July of 2019 I got tired of being the biggest person in the room, so I thought I’d make a change. Now in May of 2021 I’m eleven and a half stone or (162 pounds) lighter, and a hell of a lot happier mentality and physically. Over the past few months my confidence has increased, and started to get back into writing scripts again. I can’t wait to start uploading my work to the website, and hope to get back to making short films once it’s safer to do so.

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