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David Milnes
Ronda, Spain

I was favorably reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement by Booker nominee Shena Mackay back in 1990, but since then things have been rather quiet. The most successful book I've written is The Ghost of Neil Diamond (2010), which has been stolen by no less than 14 pdf sites. The screenplay I am putting on Script Revolution - Cool Hand Lute - is based on that book. My other titles include The Pathology of Graphology and The Whores of Coxcomb Hall, and I have two new titles coming out in June and July 2021: An English Airman Foresees his Death and Way of the Infidel. There is a strand of dark comedy running through all of these books. They are available online at Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, and all the usual sites.

Scripts By David

Cool Hand Lute
Forsaken in the Far East, an aging English lute player sells his soul to a Chinese tribute impresario for the dream of becoming a Neil Diamond impersonator.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Film-Noir, Music For sale 120pp
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