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David Newton
Los Angeles, United States

I entered this world in Cape Town, South Africa to British parents... then moved to Los Angeles to pursue life in 'The Industry'.

The enticing incident of this story happened when I made a cross-road deal... and was inadvertently hurled into a standup comedy and acting career. Standup comedy was good to me and taught me failure and character arcs... and somehow earned me awards along the way.

Ten years into it, I was commissioned by a Hollywood producer to adapt one of my comedy routines into a rom-com screenplay (which took me into rooms with big-wigs at Warner Bros.)... and shortly afterwards I had my first television pilot optioned by another production company. It turned out, much to my dismay... that I was a writer.

I have now developed three television pilots and a feature film screenplay along with their respective treatment bibles... and I am ready to find collaborators and producers and get to work!

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Scripts By David

Judges & Kings
Nine kingdoms collide in epic battles to rule the Holy Realm, while a supernatural enemy devours the living and damns the souls of the dead. A prophecy foretells of One who will end all wars.
TV Pilot Adventure, Fantasy, History For sale 60pp
2 readers love this script
A recently divorced pastor becomes a topless bartender at the city's hottest gay bar. True story.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 58pp
2 readers love this script