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David Ross
Seattle, United States

My day job is a copy director in advertising. On the strength of my first script I was signed by Innovative Artists. It went out, lots of meetings, and as I was writing my second script my agent left the business. I then signed with a manager and Preferred Artists Agency and almost got lucky with Disney with that second one. But before my third could go out my wife and I suffered a tragedy and I took a very long hiatus from writing movies. I'm now back and writing my butt off.

Scripts By David

Park Aven'hood
Snow White and the 7 dwarfs meet Rap.
Feature Comedy For sale 112pp
Stretch Marks
Middle-aged moms spend their days watching court trials. They overhear a mobster attempting to cover up the crime he's on trial for, and when the DA rebuffs them, decide to find the evidence themselves.
Feature Adventure, Comedy For sale 97pp
An American Young Lady
Inspired by the true story of a young woman who fought in the Revolutionary War as a man.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama For sale 107pp
Date, Time, Place
Set up on a blind a date a guy meets the wrong girl and falls for her and doesn’t get her last name or number — he searches for her in the haystack of NYC.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 106pp
Human People
These are the stories of what happens to people, in people. The bad and good. The darkness and light. But mostly the good.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance For sale 22pp
A young lady wants to be the first female construction worker in NYC, 1970's. Having a baby and then bringing it to the construction site further complicates things.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 120pp
Expiration Date
An elderly couple fall in love in an assisted-living center. Not wanting to have to survive each other, they decide to end their lives together— only to survive and continue to age... backwards.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 109pp
Pixie & Murray
When their retirement fund goes bust, an aging couple in turns to robbing banks. But they rob from the wrong bank and need their Chief of Police son’s help to keep from being killed.
Feature Comedy For sale 117pp
The Karma of Love
The unluckiest girl in the world meets the luckiest guy in the world, they share an emotional moment and... their luck switches.
Feature Comedy For sale 118pp
The Nano Protocol
A young man with no experience in clandestine ops finds himself the center of one, and as he tries to decipher it he must stay ahead of whoever is trying to kill him.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 110pp