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David Stokes
Walsall, United Kingdom

Hey fellow writers!

I'm David and I'm a screenwriter based in the UK. I'm represented by The Narrow Road Company in London, England.

So, a little about my work.  At present, I have one produced feature film, that I co-wrote, entitled "THE HELLIONS" which will be released soon.  I have written, produced and co-directed a short film called "TRUST" which is currently being distributed by two companies the US.  I have also written another short film which will be released later on in 2017 (which I can't tell anyone the name yet...  I've been ordered not to.  Sorry about that).

As for me, I've always been creative, I've always written and it's always been a little different.  At 8, I wrote a horror story that gave my teacher nightmares and it's pretty much continued that way ever since.

I LOVE writing plus I have zero other employable skills.  For me it's writing or be a crash test dummy...  Or possibly donate my organs to science.  That's about it.

Thanks for reading,


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