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David Thompson

David Thompson was raised in an urban melting-pot which allowed him to interact with many cultures professionally and personally.

There are countless adventures in life that qualify and call David to pursue writing about the human experience. A product of the turbulent sixties, his experiences qualifies him to tell stories related to segregation, racism, police brutality, poverty, homelessness, addiction, and recovery.

While his mother worked two jobs to take care her three boys, he mostly raised himself. Regularly found at the end of a police officer’s weapon, in the backseat with some cutie at the park, or drunk, drugged, and delirious, he endured and thrived in this senseless environment.

God brought him through these experiences to tell stories kindled in this urban milieu. Here lies inspiration to stop some from following that path altogether, others to escape, and allow outsiders to sense the futility that is inherent in many individual's lives.

Overcoming obstacles and barriers are intrinsic to his success story. He has climbed telephone poles like a lumberjack, squeezed into crawl spaces too tight to breathe, been a business owner with employees, and drove a big-rig over thirty-five of the fifty contiguous states. In the last seven years, he has earned a BA in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling, and a Creative Writing Masters of Fine Arts degree with program awards for various classes. He has written six short scripts since graduation and is currently enrolled in a master’s program for Leadership at Liberty University.

My writing is soul-searching, gritty, and psychological. It looks behind and beyond the mask. Dreams come true, fantasy becomes reality, and doors revolve around an alternate spiritual dimensions that bares hypocrisy and reveals truth. Personal constructs are exposed as facades of our own making.


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Scripts By David

Insecure and shaky, a teens worse nightmare is realized when her boo since the sixth grade breaks up with her in a text that unleashes her most passionate and fatal desires.
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A young professional woman’s arrogance and self-confidence are targeted by a lonely malevolent man whose objective is to destroy her self-assurance by stalking her using stealth and technology.
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