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David Wagner is one of the  co-authors of Tribes, a play performed by Reality Theatre in Columbus, Ohio. His short film I Like Inside Better was a recent Official Selection of the Red Rock Film Festival in Utah, and his short film 135,000 was a 2021 Official Selection of Lisbon Film Rendezvous, a film festival in Portugal. David adapted the screenplay Foreclosure from a ghost story by Edith Wharton. The film will be released in 2022.

Scripts By David

An orphaned teenage girl has a summer-long affair with a handsome student visiting town, but she must face harsh reality when summer is over, and she finds herself alone and pregnant. Adapted from the novel by Edith Wharton.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 115pp
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Mine to Kill
In 1878 Nova Scotia, a teenage girl is possessed by six demons, including one that starts fires. Based on a true story.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 123pp
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The Chimes
When an elderly porter loses his faith in mankind, the supernatural occupants of a bell tower work to restore the man's hope. Adapted from the story by Charles Dickens.
Feature Family, Fantasy For sale 90pp
3 readers love this script
A young teacher and a moody professor fall in love as they investigate a haunting on the ancient school grounds.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 128pp
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King of the Winged Monkeys
A lonely 10-year-old boy in Kansas finds the mysterious relic that compels sinister flying monkeys to obey commands.
Feature Adventure, Family, Fantasy For sale 124pp
The Age of Innocence
Engaged to a young, inexperienced woman, an attorney falls in love with her older, worldly cousin, who is a separated from her husband.
Feature Romance For sale 120pp
Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Spirits
At Christmastime, a group gathers at a friend’s ancestral home, a former abbey said to be haunted by the ghost of an abbot whose appearance foretells a death in the house.
Feature Fantasy, Romance For sale 91pp
Pete, a computer programmer, gets stuck in an infinite loop.
Short Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi Available for Free 5pp
When the mother of 5-year-old Fred Brent dies of alcoholism, his neighbor, Miss Hester Prime, believes it her Christian duty to raise the boy to become a Baptist preacher—whether he likes it or not.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 116pp
Gabriel Grub
In a story by Charles Dickens, a misanthropic gravedigger learns the meaning of Christmas from a horde of goblins that show him the wickedness of his ways.
Short Fantasy For sale 12pp