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Many thanks to CJ for being the champion of SCRIPT REVOLUTION. Been an avid supporter since day one and it's my no 1 read, to unwind in any free time, along with Huck. It's a Buzz this maverick vision has now formed into being a catalyst in bringing artists and industry professionals together. Artists need to be able to steer their own course without unnecessary obstacles and prejudices, as is often found in the hotbeds of closed shop cronyism and ancient Industry rules designed to block newcomers. I've only just got around to joining because my best projects were already post produced/sponsored when SR began, but now it's necessary to join before access to all reading material. As part of the Bio you ask "What made us what we are today". WOW that epic would blow my hard disk will only stick to how writing has affected my life. Writing was always my best subject in school but it was during Youth Theatre it manifested more, because sometimes we would write and perform our own stuff. When I got too old for youth theatre I formed my own club where we travelled to perform in as many drama festivals as possible. I had many different jobs in my twenties, and soon realised pedestrian life was not for me. I enrolled in drama schools to learn professionally the craft of prose/acting/public speaking. That was followed by theatre and travelling theatre. Fast Forward. I hope to put out some of my latest projects on SR soon, as I'm currently very busy with a tandem narrative pulp. (Several protagonists with Multiple plot lines crossing). Tandem is challenging but exciting and I'm enjoying the ride. The last several years other people began to ask me to write for them, and I coupled this with training under 15 directors, to build the confidence to start post card shorts /micro shorts/shorts. Indie film is my 24/7 passion, and I'm always open to build new bridges with fellow members. I must have met at least 30 members of Stage 32 to date. Someone asked me "why don't you just log on, it's easier." My reply was to hand them a Science Fiction script titled "Its Arnie...What Can I Do For You Today?" where in the year 3030 the human race has evolved to no longer grow fingers, because everything is now done by wireless point being don't let real human interaction become redundant. Joking aside, the bio question asks what we desire most now. There is nothing more rewarding than when a scene that is only just a vision in my head....suddenly becomes a physical reality....right there in front of a living breathing performer. I wear a blue workmans jacket with Director on the rear, because the Character is the boss, and I'm there to work for them. I would love to discover the next Indie stars.


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