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Recently married in March 2020, now a Garcia, award-winning screenwriter and co-owner of Gato Loco Films which was established in 2012 with Carlos Garcia, Debra's husband. Together they "Bring Words to Life Through Film". Currently, Debra is turning her full feature script Hormones Unite into a book. After 4 years of caring for her mother - who passed in 2019 - Debra is finally getting back into writing and submitting to festivals. Hoping one day to sell a script - or win the lottery. Which ever comes first. 

Many of her short scripts have been produced by students all over the world. One script :Text Two" was produced by a film school in England and took on a whole new life with English speaking actors. 

Even though her short scripts are for sale, she is open to students filming them. Just reach out to her!

Scripts By Debra

Lost and Found
A homeless woman trades sex for food to feed her six-year-old daughter.
Short Drama For sale 5pp
4 readers love this script
Read Review by J.E. Clarke
Hormones Unite
A cookie that cures the symptoms of menopause is a Godsend to all women until Congress stops production due to a "secret" ingredient. Women around the country are outraged and now it's Hormones versus Congress!
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp
3 readers love this script
Through the Eyes of a Soldier
A tired soldier encounters the past on his guard duty.
Short Drama For sale 5pp
1 reader loves this script
In the Renaissance era it is custom to be married off at a young age. Except Lisbeth has other plans.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama For sale 107pp
1 reader loves this script
The Brumbles
Imagine a "Leave It To Beaver" type of family from the 1950's - except they're all zombies.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 27pp
The Piece of Glass
Half sisters fight for the love of one man - but only one will survive.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 5pp
Read Review by Elaine Clayton
Sweet Memories
A woman reflects on the Sweet Memories growing up in a candy store.
Short Drama, Family For sale 5pp
Read Review by Julia Cottle
Text Two
When spellcheck goes wrong for the new Mafia.
Short Comedy, Drama Produced 6pp