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Debra Garcia

Recently married in March 2020, now a Garcia, award-winning screenwriter and co-owner of Gato Loco Films which was established in 2012 with Carlos Garcia, Debra's husband. Together they "Bring Words to Life Through Film". Currently, Debra is turning her full feature script Hormones Unite into a book. After 4 years of caring for her mother - who passed in 2019 - Debra is finally getting back into writing and submitting to festivals. Hoping one day to sell a script - or win the lottery. Which ever comes first. 

Many of her short scripts have been produced by students all over the world. One script :Text Two" was produced by a film school in England and took on a whole new life with English speaking actors. 

Even though her short scripts are for sale, she is open to students filming them. Just reach out to her!


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