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Dee Howard

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Dee Howard
Washington, D.C., United States

Dee Howard is an aspiring filmmaker, actor, activist, voice actor & musician. He has wrote scripts & operates a Youtube channel & several social media profiles including Twitter & Instagram. He plans on getting his GED & to apply for colleges such as College of William & Mary, Penn State, University of Maryland, University of Pittsburgh, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwelth University or Wake Forest University. He can be found in various candy stores.

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Scripts By Dee

Crudely Drawn
A anthropomorphic cat & his new friends must escape from an ruthless evil & the new world he has jumped into.
Web Series Pilot Adventure, Animation, Comedy Available for Free 29pp
I Am Cosmo
A man in a cat mask must prove his innocence to his coworkers & boss after being wrongly accused of being apart of a ponzi scheme. A surreal story.
Short Comedy, Crime In development 17pp