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Deepak Karamungikar

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Deepak Karamungikar
Washington, D.C., United States

I'm Deepak. I write because of my constantly burning desire to tell stories. I believe that there is no joy bigger than the one you see in the eyes of a person when you tell an enchanting story. I get high off of finely written lines. I wrote five books, two of which are novels.

I have a day-job, but I mostly day-dream of seeing my name on the big-screen. My journey has has just begun. I am two scripts old, and I am working on more.  


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Scripts By Deepak

If you murdered someone in your dream, would you start looking for your victim in reality?
Feature Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 93pp
5 readers love this script
My Grandpa's A Gangster
A humble middle-class youngster and his family is forced into a hilariously shocking misadventure when his grandfather, an ex-mob-enforcer returns after twenty-one years in jail.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 135pp
1 reader loves this script