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Hello to all I am Deion, Little bit about me I am 28 years old I love Writing in fact I am a aspiring screenplay writer currently going to the Academy of Art University for "Writing for film and T.V. I love Movies, talking movies you name it I will talk it out with you. I am from the bay area. I also enjoy reading and writing new scripts on my spare off days and outdoor things. My favorite movie right now is "Get Out" My favorite old movie is Jurassic Park.

I currently work at Nordstrom in san Francisco CA as an loss prevention Agent. I am currently looking for Jobs within my career as a screenwriter or staff writer, just so I can be ready to take on more and bigger jobs when I do graduate from college.

I Look forward to connecting and networking with new people all the way around and I am excited for new opportunities and experiences talk to you soon. Lets Write!


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Scripts By Deion

Code 5
Derek a beloved and successful loss prevention manager at a depot store in Illinois, is transferred to the company's flagship store located in san Francisco where he must turn the venue around.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 33pp
Rey 'Shawn and Demaray two brothers born into a life of gang and violence make Oakland California their playground.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 84pp