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Della Vance Greenawalt

I have studied Film at UCLA Extension Writers' Program, English at Northern Arizona University, and am currently taking classes at The Academy of Film Writing and a member of the International Screenwriting workshop 5150, administered by Nicholl Fellow Max Adams and limited to 25 writers of her choosing. Awards include Gold Winner, First Place, Short Scripts, Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest for Sunflower Care; Finalist, Drama for Rat’s Bait Shop, Bar & Grill; WILDsound March 2017 short script selection for Sunflower Care and reading of the script by WILDsound actors; Winning Script reading of The Gate's first ten pages by WildSound Actors as well. I write comedy, drama and action/adventure.  Sunflower Care is a PAGE Quarter-Finalist!  YAY!  **Update - it's a PAGE Semi-Finalist!  Sunflower Care and The Gate each placed as runner up/2nd place at The Austin Revolution Film Festival  - Best Comedy Short (Sunflower Care) and Best Action Feature Screenplay (The Gate.)   **Snoopy happy dance.**


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Scripts By Della

Sunflower Care
Sunflower care is a comedy about elderly Doris being unwillingly placed in a nursing home. Death comes to take her and she argues with him about her fate.
Short Comedy, Fantasy For sale 3pp
4 readers love this script
The Gate
The Gate is a fantasy/action feature about two boat rental guys who must stop eco-terrorists who have opened a time portal to the Pleistocene era to wipe out humanity's ancestors to save the planet.
Feature Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 100pp
2 readers love this script
Rat's Bait Shop, Bar & Grill
Rat's Bait Shop, Bar and Grill is a Drama about two ex-marines and an Apache Bar owner who must stop a shootout between two teenagers before anyone is killed.
Short Action, Drama For sale 8pp
2 readers love this script