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Demian Malcher
Greenville, United States

As you can see I'm Demian Malcher I'm a 19-year old screenwriting whose been writing for 7 years in hopes of 1 day either getting a TV show off the ground or writing the screenplay for my own movie. When I was 5 I was diagnosed with Autism but as a teen I decided to get over my social awkwardness and started watching videos on how to socialize better and ever since then I've been a social butterfly! My dad was a great and smart man he introduce my to a lot of philosophers such as Nietzsche and you can find a lot of those themes in my work! I write 3 hours a day and often do so when I'm walking outside or going on long car trips to get in the extra practice. 

Scripts By Demian

The crash and burn desire of youth
A TV show focusing on a group of runaway teens and studying,deconstructing and reconstructing them. The crash and burn desires of youth.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 30pp
Tough girl discovers a strange but awesome subculture.
TV Pilot Action For sale 38pp
Devilishly Charming
Out trio of demons set out to become the next satan.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 29pp