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Dennis Nehamen
Los Angeles, United States

After nearly three decades of practice as both a forensic and clinical psychologist, I’ve had some remarkable stories come through my office. It was about ten years ago when I finally began scaling down my business to make time for writing. I began with screenplays and then after completing three, my son came home from college with a new interest, music. We decided to partner, eventually developing three musicals together. The first, Wrapped, won the prestigious National Theater Network Director’s Choice Award and was presented at The New York Musical Theater Festival, after which we were invited by Jim Morgan, the director of The York Theatre in New York to do a second presentation.

Later I wrote the story as a novel, Wrapped, The First Ever Musical Novel; a first because the musical files are embedded into the digital book…I self-published the piece, launching my career as an author. During the course of the next several years I wrote…and wrote…and wrote. To date I have twelve completed novels. They range from my four-book Zach Miller Adventure series to Misty’s Place. The former begins with a story about a young man who becomes trapped in the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The latter is the tale of a young girl born in a high-class brothel, actually a saga of the lives of three women. In between are books in several genre.

Often I dwell on the question of where my abililty to develop and convey my works came from. Frankly, I've had no training in creative writing and up until the past decade was far too busy with my practice and family to even consider a career change.  

Perhaps the piece most directly related to my work in psychology is The Making of A Madman. This is the story of two young men, one seeking to be punished for the crimes the other committed. I might add that contained in every story I've written is what I have learned as a psychologist; my thought has always been that the greatest psychologists in history have always been the greatest novelists.

My practice has been in Southern California. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My home is in Sherman Oaks, where I’ve lived since 1976. For the past twenty-five years my office has been in Sherman Oaks—unless the weather is inclement, which is rare, I walk to work. I’m married and live with my wife. Both of my children are emancipated. My son is in the business world, my daughter an artist. I was educated at U.C.L.A. I have a Ph.D. in Psychology and have been licensed to practice in California since 1977. 

I like to be outdoors, hiking and biking especially. On vacation in a city the first thing I’ll look for is a botanical garden—the second is a great restaurant, especially with healthful and unusual food preparations. I exercise daily, primarily yoga. I enjoy watching my children develop their lives and careers; recently my first grandchild was born. Less than a year ago I lost my dog, an English Cocker Spaniel. We named him Sir Henry Higgins, after the cranky Henry in My Fair Lady; I miss him still but some of the hurt has lifted in that my daugher since adopted a Cocker Spaniel and I'm able to baby sit the little guy quite frequently. I’ll go out often to the golf course but never swing a club; I caddy for the sole purpose of spending time with my son. By nature I'm quiet and to myself…writing suits my temperament. Still, if given the opportunity to promote what I love, I’m outgoing and vibrant. I’m grateful for the support and encouragement of all my family, especially my wife—I think she would have thrown a fit had I tried to ditch the writing.


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