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Denny Dirksen

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Denny Dirksen
St. Louis, United States

I come from a family of six kids and laughter was always a valuable commodity in our hectic household.

I am now the father of a college student. Anyone who has ever raised kids can tell you that experience is a wealth of inspiration. 

I have washed dishes, loaded trucks, did factory work, worked at a television station, and have written my share of advertising copy. I now work in video production and that has informed the visual aspects of the scripts I write. I travel extensively and see the good and bad sides of a lot of cities. There is a story behind every place and unique characters on every block. 

The great thing about writing is that each script is a new beginning, a chance to go somewhere I have not been before.


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Detective Priest
A streetwise priest reverts to some unholy behavior from his former life as a Green Beret to find an old army buddy kidnapped by a sinister V.A. psychiatrist.
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