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Denora M Boone
Atlanta, United States

I began my writing journey as an independent author of urban Christian fiction novels. To date, I have over 25 bestselling books that I've written over the last five years. I love being able to help others begin their journey as authors, so I started my own publishing company, Anointed Inspirations Publishing. We've published close to 100 inspirational books since our 2015 launch. Even with the many awards won, nominations, and awesome success of having that "Christian Author" label, people tend to put me in a box not understanding that I am a STORYTELLER first, I just love God. So, I took myself out, more like burst out, of that box, and decided to step into film and television! 


Have I gone to film school? Nope! I've researched and taught myself how to format and write scripts, and so far this has been the best experience ever. So great, that I had the opportunity to enter into my first film festival in 2018 called, The 48 Hour Film Project. The film, This Is For You, landed in the top 15 films of the Atlanta competition. Out of that came my very first webseries that I created and wrote, SHE the Series, which Kinship Studios produced.


Do you know how much that fueled my passion for screenwriting? I've written crime dramas, horror, a comedy sitcom, and even brought my 13 year old daughter in to collab with me on a psychological thriller. I have so many ideas that I know if given the chance, I can soar in this industry and help to bring so many other people along. I may be an underdog right now, but my passion for my family and to make them better, fuels me to be great for them. 

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Scripts By Denora M

Preaching Lies
A dope dealing pastor's past shows up and threatens to bring down his holy house of cards with his unsuspecting daughter caught in the crossfires.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 124pp
3 readers love this script