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Denver Robbins
Salt Lake City, United States

The early years:

Following in my father’s footsteps as a makeup artist at local haunted houses, I launched my career in filmmaking creating special effects for local productions. After about 5 years I decided to become a producer. I spent over 15 years as a staff producer for a private company getting a taste of the job then In 2000 I co-founded Dark Sun Productions with screenwriter Lauren T Hart. Together we worked on many productions. My work has been seen on HBO, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN.

Changing times:

In 2012 then Dark Sun Studios and The Brute Squad joined forces and have been producing amazing content for a wide variety of national and multinational brands (portfolio) Curently I am the executive producer at The Brute Squad

Outside of the day job:

I've been married for 25 years, father of 3 boys and 2 daughter in laws. 

I'm a tinkerer, inventor, film maker, builder, and grill master. 

When I'm not doing something creative with my hands I spend most of my time forgetting why I walked into a room.