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Derek Hutchins

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Derek Hutchins
Los Angeles, United States

Mr. Hutchins has been writing screenplays for the last 8 years and has completed over 20 feature scripts and several televisioni pilots. He is represented by Dapper Bird Entertainment and has had several screenplays recognized in popular contests such as the Nicholls Fellowship and Austin Film Festival Writing Competitions. In November 2018, he won the Emerson PitchFest. Currently, he is working on a short story collection along with several new scripts, as well as trying to find funding for two microbudget scripts that were recently optioned. In April 2019, he graduated from Emerson College with an MFA in Writing for Film & Television. His preferred genres are supernatural horror and fantasy. An active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mr. Hutchins' works display recurrent themes of redemption, rebirth, and the idea that everything happens for a reason.


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Scripts By Derek

A group of Vietnam War dodgers stumble upon a government made monster in the woods.
Short Horror For sale 11pp
Till Death Do Us Part
A newly married woman begins to suspect that her husband is involved in a local series of murders after she discovers that he has been lying to her about his past.
Feature Thriller For sale 99pp
The Drums
While on a dig in Africa a group of archaeologists disturb an ancient treasure and set loose a mysterious entity that hunts them one by one.
Feature Adventure, Horror For sale 104pp
Misery Motel
Two estranged brothers find themselves trapped in a haunted hotel in the desert when their car breaks down, and learn that the hotel has a connection to their family curse.
Feature Horror Under Option 86pp