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Derek Reid

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Derek Reid

Screenwriting in the Seattle area. Christian. Majored in Political Science (eh) and Philosophy (oops) at University. Enjoy writing (mostly) dramas that have some sort of message core-glue holding the various exteriors, interiors, days and nights together. (Partially) composed of amiable-determination and black instant-coffee.


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Scripts By Derek

A bullied dwarf-bunny with an unusual fur-pattern leaves the safety of his hay-farm warren with three other young-rabbits to find the town’s veterinarian and save their sick friend.
Feature Animation For sale 97pp
The Next Wave
An introverted teen hit by a drunk driver after a beach-surfing trip in 1993 wakes up from a near quarter-century coma and must figure out how to catch the-next-wave of his life.
Feature Drama For sale 95pp