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Devin Clarke was born in White Rock, British Columbia and grew up splitting his time between the Lower Mainland and a farm in British Columbia interior. Devin built a reputation for hard work, collaboration, and organization, incubating new story ideas and building workflows during his 14 years working in the film industry. He attended the Vancouver Film School and moved into the industry as a production assistant in Vancouver on sets like "Blade: Trinity." During this time, he also gained experience working on independent films as a camera operator and on corporate productions as an editor. Clarke moved to Toronto to expand his film network, and became an assistant editor on TV shows like 'Wingin' It,' 'Camelot,' 'My Babysitter's a Vampire,' and 'Degrassi', among others . As a avid student of film, Devin learned how to craft a story from every angle as he worked in the filmmaking industry. During these jobs, he honed his writing, directing, shooting, and editing skills. In 2014 he used these skills to launch his own company where he guides productions from concept to completion, in both the film and corporate worlds. Some of his filmmaking highlights include: directing and editing the feature film "Tear Us Apart", directing a TV pilot 'Tugg & Chugger', directing short films, and creating videos for corporate clients. As part of his production company, WhiteRock Productions, Devin contributed to the TV show 'Make it Pop' by DHX making their social media content for season 1. He has also worked for DHX on 'Degrassi' and other notable companies like Take 5 Productions for the TV show 'Camelot'.

Although he gained valuable experience working for major shows, Devin kept coming back to answer the question, 'How do I tell my story?' Devin has been searching for and creating stories that deal with this question. He examines different character in situations where there is a threat to the family or a rupture of the status quot. Devin's goal is to explore difficult family dynamics through film and represent diverse family choices.


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