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Devin Dugan
Tustin, United States

Devin Dugan is the founder and Artistic Director of ImprovCity, a multi-award winning improv troupe located in Orange County, CA. With over twenty-five years of improv experience, Devin has performed, taught and trained with numerous troupes across the country, including The National Comedy Theatre, The Second City Hollywood, ComedySportz, ComedyCity and Idiot Central just to name a few.

When not doing improv, Devin is busy writing. He has written books and screenplays. He has also written for Nostalgia Digest magazine and was the creative mastermind behind the successful novelty book Improvisers Drawing Stick Figures.

Besides writing, directing and appearing in television, films and commercials, Devin has also directed a few live stage plays. Some of his past productions include The Cocoanuts, The Werewolf's Curse, The Time of Their Lives, and Les Misérables.

Scripts By Devin

The Secret Bloodline
A museum tour guide and a corporate CEO who deals in religious artifacts share a Marian apparition, prompting them on a dangerous journey to uncover its secrets before the truth is stifled forever.
Feature Action, Adventure, History, Mystery, Thriller For sale 121pp
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Rodeo Rock Record Shop
A music aficionado tries to woo the girl of his dreams, a former indie rock star turned used record store employee, before the store goes out of business.
Feature Comedy, Music, Romance For sale 105pp
1 reader loves this script
A young woman must conquer insecurities forged over years of abuse to prove to herself she is more than the horrible events that she's endured.
Feature Drama For sale 71pp