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DJ Remark
Jacksonville, United States

Daniel "D.J." Remark was born in Akron, Ohio and moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2021. DJ has produced and directed several award winning short films including Best Director in the Hollywood Gold awards and Best Editor in the Fright Film Competition in Cincinnati, OH. DJ's passion for filmmaking comes from his arts background in middle school and High school where he studied multi-media and digital design and also broadcast TV at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting.

Scripts By DJ

The Undertome (Short Film)
Breaking and entering never had a price this high.
Short Horror For sale 15pp
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The Undertome
Jake has no idea the only way to keep his family of friends, is to lose them.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 90pp
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The Hellgate
Aspiring YouTube stars discover a terrifying new source of content when they accidentally film a ghost, only to be haunted by a vengeful spirit and forced to confront the deadly secrets of a cursed graveyard.
Feature Horror Seeking finance 108pp
Morgan introduces his son to the Christmas ritual every family in their small town is duty-bound to perform.
Short Horror Produced 6pp
We Lived
A family of friends, destined to die, live out their days of the apocalypse until a stranger arrives with an unexpected offer.
Feature Thriller Seeking finance 108pp