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Dorothy de kok

I am a proudly South African writer who explores the richness of our storyworld. I have written two screenplays and am currently working on a no-budget short film set in my hometown, Bedford. The cast is made up of predominantly addicts and real-life shopkeepers. 

We have so many stories to tell, and I must tell them in the most creative, beautiful and sensitive way possible. ♥️


In a parallel universe, I have a BA degree in Languages and Literature (specialisation in South African Literary Studies). I earn my daily bread as an academic editor for  Dutch thesis-editing company. 

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Scripts By Dorothy

Dream Reaper
Cash is outlawed and dreams are commodities, but when an addict wants to buy an orange for his dying mother, the new dream clinic doctor won't pay him for his dream in coins.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 16pp
The Tip
Knowing when to let go. . .
Short Family, Fantasy Produced 10pp