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Dorothy de kok

Pessimist, doomsayer, realist, sadist...

I've  been called worse.  But I prefer to be known as someone who explores the darker corners of humanity -- whether on a personal level or with regard to society as a whole.

Sometimes I see a glimmer of hope, of human kindness and love, which makes dark journeys all the more important.

My playgrounds: Dystopia, Fantasia, Africa


In a parallel universe, I have a BA degree in Languages and Literature (specialisation in South African Literary Studies). I have recently become a full-time writer. 


Coverfly All-time Overall Top 10% for
Dream Reaper

Scripts By Dorothy

Dream Reaper
In the grim Tomorrow-World of a young addict, all his dying mother wants is an orange, and all he has to sell are his dreams.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 19pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 10%
We, Cathleen (pilot)
When an abused girl withdraws from reality, her multiple personalities must find her a loving family, but the guardian alter, instead of protecting them, drags them into the dark world of drugs, gangs, and murder.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 26pp