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dQ Kaufman
Seattle, United States

I'm a no budget short film director. Which means I write, cast, do storyboards, edit, and color correct. I primarily want to be a director/writer when I grow up. My degree is in graphic design. I've worked as an art director and game designer for a couple very large game companies both here and abroad. I've attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning for a bit. Man, my handwriting used to be good enough to literally letter comic books, but now it looks like I'm using a leaky pen during a Godzilla attack.

I have a dark, dark sense of humor in my writing and a fine mix of experiences with a fine mix of people. I enjoy writing the kind of scripts that pull the rug out, both in plot points and tone. Any moments of emotional realism and truth are loving snuggled down into brassy genre stories.

You know, stuff like when Nux points at Capable at the end of Fury Road and says "Witness me" and he's really meaning it for the first time, because he's finally found something worth dying for, but, also, what he's really saying is "please remember me" because he loves her and would do anything for her, and then, after so many others have, he sacrifices himself so everyone can get away, and I get all teary in a goddamn post - apocalyptic car chase movie. That kind of shit.


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The Safe House


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The Safe House

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