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Drew Hubbard
Manchester, United Kingdom

I have always loved writing and telling stories. I started as an actor and went on to run my own small, Children's Theatre company, writing and touring Maths based plays to schools and small venues. It was here I realised my passion was in telling the stories, not performing them. I get excited by great stories. I watch a lot of different kinds of programmes and adore getting caught up in the storylines and characters. It doesn't matter if it's a story about Superheroes, Super Sleuths, or Super ordinary people, if the writing is great, I want to be part of that process, and inspire to be part of creating something dynamic and visual that people get emotionally attached to. Being part of a show that fans get very passionate about would be a dream come true. Helping build a universe where viewers tune in each week, getting to know the characters like their own friends, celebrating their big, beautiful milestones, and mourning their loss when they leave. What's better than that? That feeling, when you've watched a film or episode of tv, and you know something within you has changed, I would love for my writing to have that effect on someone. To change a heart or mind. To create under-represented characters that someone might watch and say, that's me. To show there is more to being lgbtq+ than: coming out, death, homophobia and not being accepted. I write to challenge the heteronormativity and usual gay stereotypes we see, hence my characters and stories are always lgbtq+. There is still a broad spectrum of queerness we haven't seen.

Scripts By Drew

After an old gay man dies, he's reunited in heaven with his dog he lost decades ago.
Short Drama For sale 2pp
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Ringing up the past
Offered a phone call to anyone living or dead, an old dying gay man must apologise to the dead best friend he wronged as a teenager, or take the regret to the grave.
Short Drama For sale 9pp
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Life Gets Better, Together
Two trans teenagers find solace at “IDENTT” a teen lgbtq+ support group, while battling their transphobic families, and their own society-led views on gender.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 34pp
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