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Dylan Kilgour

Dylan Kilgour - Screenwriter and Script Consultant.  Formerly the Director of Content Acquisition at Frostbite Pictures; Dylan is an award winning screenwriter and film producer with over ten years experience in all aspects of production from web series to feature films.  


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Scripts By Dylan

Dooey Gets His Frisbee Back
A short film about a lonely boy who fights to get his Frisbee back from the neighbourhood Rottweiler "Killer".
Short Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 5pp
1 reader loves this script
A small town Cop in a mob run town manages to keep the peace until his vigilante brother returns home looking to avenge their murdered parents.
Feature Action For sale 113pp
Futurama: The Taxman Always Rings Twice
FRY owes a thousand years of back taxes but when he tries to pay he discovers every one of his ancestors has claimed him as a dependant while he was frozen in the tube.
Episode Animation Example of work only 27pp
When Pyro, a fire-wielding mutant, develops God like powers the X-Men must fight to keep him from destroying the world by bringing the Sun to Earth
Short Action, Animation, Sci-Fi Example of work only 25pp
Drain - A Flash Spec Script
The Flash and Caitlin Snow must battle an energy absorbing Meta while trapped inside Iron Heights Prison.
Episode Sci-Fi Example of work only 53pp